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Cantor: Distinguished, or merely notorious?

Date published: 11/1/2012

Cantor: Distinguished, or merely notorious?

Your editorial endorsement of Congressman Wittman was thoughtful and considerate. The same cannot be said for that of Rep. Cantor.

You claim he has distinguished himself in Congress. Notorious for sure, distinguished, not so much. How exactly has his so-called "prominence" in Congress assisted his district and Virginia? You don't say. Has he used his leadership position to help unclog our roads or clean the bay? You don't make such a case. To many voters, his "reliable conservatism" is, in fact, far right-wing Tea Party ideology.

If the common good is his driving motivation, why is he willing time and again to take the country to the brink of economic crisis? You are correct that he gained notoriety in Congress, but that was for fighting the president tooth and nail on every issue. We can surely expect him to do the same in an Obama second term.

Your editorials frequently bemoan the divisive nature of our national politics, yet you now support one of the principal actors in that regard. The next time you wonder why things cannot get done in Congress, look first in the mirror.

Jerome O. Campane