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Date published: 11/1/2012


John LeFebre's letter "Romney-nomics: It's voodoo time again" uses half-truths to misrepresent Mitt Romney's tax policy. Several distinguished economists have stated that Romney's plan can easily offset tax changes with spending reductions.

After spending $800 billion of our hard-earned tax money, unemployment under Obama is at 7.8 percent. Obama submitted a budget to the Senate that could not get a single supporting vote. How many lemmings continue to blindly follow this Pied Piper?

Dick Hollenbach

Locust Grove

Evangelicals, face facts

The Republican Party has been using abortion as a hot-button issue for years against Democrats. Romney has flip-flopped on this issue while President Obama believes women should be allowed to make this choice for themselves. That devastatingly difficult decision is between God, the woman, her mate, and the doctor.

Evangelicals, be honest. Americans are better off now than in 2008 because Osama bin Laden is gone, we have American-made cars, and our stocks are recovering. Evangelicals, when you vote in November, are you voting for the Book of Mormon or the Bible?

Carolyn Jenkins


Why endorse socialists?

Why does the Free Lance-Star feel the need to "endorse" a candidate? It shows its true colors and lack of objectivity by endorsing socialist candidates who seem intent on destroying this nation.

Have you forgotten what the USSR was like? Remember we fought a Cold War with them for 44 years. Ronald Reagan defeated them economically. So why in the world would we want to follow in their footsteps?

David Rababy


Vote 'yes' on Question 1

As an attorney who has spent more than 45 years fighting for the rights of private property owners, I encourage you to vote yes on Question 1 to amend the Virginia Constitution to protect private property rights.

This constitutional amendment is necessary because the U.S. Supreme Court issued a terrible opinion in the Kelo case, expanding the right of government to take private property and turning it over to private real-estate developers. Question 1 would amend the Virginia Constitution to prohibit such a practice in Virginia.

Richard R. Nageotte


Obama's done a lot

As for Mitt Romney's claim that Barack Obama's presidency is a failure, is that a fair assessment? Let's look at some of the things the president has done despite total Republican opposition:

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