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Hear de Tocqueville page 3

Date published: 11/1/2012


1. The $800 billion stimulus--which is working, although slowly. 2. Saved the auto industry. 3. Bailed out the banks/investment firms and passed financial reforms. 4. Signed the Lily Ledbetter Act, giving women more equal footing in the workplace. 5. Ended Iraq war. 6. Protected consumers from unfair credit-card practices. 7. Obamacare. 8. Got Osama Bin Laden. 9. Got 22 key al- Qaida militants. 10. He's ending the Afghanistan War.

I could go on.

Janet Yenyo


Dead ahead: Greece

The fact-checking website PolitiFact.com found that the national debt as a percentage of gross domestic product has risen by 21.9 percentage points under Obama, compared with just 5.6 points under George W. Bush. PolitiFact adds that "the national debt is equal to $48,700 per person and $128,300 per household" and concludes that, "Obama is the undisputed debt king of the last five presidents."

Before you vote in November, ask yourself if you really want to saddle your children and grandchildren with the massive debt that a second Obama administration would surely produce.

Can anyone spell G-R-E-E-C-E?

Tom Moeller


Allen vs. UN plotters

Beginning during the Clinton administration, progressive socialists pushed for ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Treaty. This altruistic, sweet-sounding treaty would automatically override almost all American laws on children and families.

George Allen has repeatedly spoken about his support for the Parental Rights Amendment, as well as his opposition to the UNCRC treaty. Tim Kaine is silent, very silent, just like Senators Webb and Warner.

On Election Day, vote to protect the family. Vote for George Allen.

Terry Beatley


Wittman hurts elderly

Rob Wittman consistently votes against the best interests of seniors in the 1st District. He voted to raise costs for seniors enrolled in Medicare, to reduce their benefits and to end Medicare's fundamental guarantee of coverage and affordability.

Wittman has voted to eliminate preventive care benefits for 104,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the 1st District. He has voted to reduce coverage for 7,400 Medicare beneficiaries who rely on Medicaid, and his vote jeopardizes nursing home care for 1,300 district residents who rely on it.

We need a congressman who will vote for his district, not his party. Vote for Adam Cook.

Linda S. Morissette


Election is about race

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