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Date published: 11/1/2012


The Republicans in Congress vote "nay" to this support. In doing so, they vote against all children, including those with disabilities, having equal access to America's public schools.

That's why I'm voting for President Obama, Tim Kaine and Adam Cook who care about our vulnerable.

Mary Beth O'Connor


Benghazi impeachable

Washington's handling of the Benghazi disaster is beyond the pale. Repeated requests for help by direct participants were three times rejected by Washington. Then, the incredible spins followed, just to make sure that blame could be shifted to others.

The only person who could wreak such havoc, showing complete cluelessness and indecision, would be today's commander in chief himself.

A recent president was impeached for dallying with a cooperative bimbo and lying about it. If acts of incompetence causing loss of life are not a reason for impeachment, I truly do not know what is.

G.J. Vanek


Romney for jobs

As a businessman who is thinking about taking over another grocery store in the Charlottesville area, I would split my time between the one I have here in Spotsylvania and the one there, which means I would have to hire two to three people for this store and five or six for new one. I told the landlord to call me after the election. If Romey wins, I would likely take his offer. If Obama wins, no way.

Joe Biden is right. It's that three-letter word, J-O-B-S.

Kirk Byers


But which Romney?

Who is the real Mitt Romney? As governor of Massachusetts, he is a liberal. As a campaigner in the Republican primaries he places himself to the right of the other candidates. As a presidential candidate he chooses the slash-and-burn budget author, Paul Ryan, as his running mate while he alternates between endorsing the Ryan budget and distancing himself from it.

When asked about details, he says he offers "principles." His only "principle" seems to be saying anything he believes might get him elected.

Voters who are considering voting for Romney should be leery. Which Romney would you get?

Jim Donald


Dems back disabled

Children with severe disabilities who survived a traumatic prenatal experience are attending local public schools. They are no longer sent away to the state institution. They are medically fragile, on G-tubes, in diapers, deaf and blind, and they are benefiting from the investment of Obama stimulus money in their education.

Any parent of a child with an individualized educational plan, including those with autism, needs to know that the Democrats in Congress consistently vote for your child's equal opportunity to a public education. Republicans, especially Paul Ryan, do not support this funding.

On Nov. 6, vote Democratic for your child's brighter future.

Charles and Kathie Howard


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