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Hear de Tocqueville

November 1, 2012 12:10 am

The Free Lance-Star appreciates the many election letters we've received during the past several weeks. Space limitations prevent our publishing every letter. Today, to allow as many readers as possible to express their views, we are excerpting from letters that have not yet been printed. --Ed.

Hear de Tocqueville

It is clearly evident that Barack Obama is a socialist who believes in wealth redistribution. The great political thinker Alexis de Tocqueville clearly understood that democracy and socialism are irreconcilable: "Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: While democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude."

Steve Antosh


Obama delivered

Looming large for our family is the fact that our daughter has a life-threatening, chronic neuromuscular disease for which there is treatment but no cure.

In 2008 Barack Obama pledged that he would work to make sure no one is denied health insurance because of a so-called pre-existing condition. I voted for him the first time because of his promise, and I will vote for him again because he delivered on his promise.

Wanda Sauley Fennell


Cook knows terrorism

Voluntarily deploying to Afghanistan in 2011, Maj. Adam Cook served as the officer in charge of investigations and chief legal adviser at a detention facility housing almost 3,000 captured insurgent fighters from the al-Qaida, Taliban, and Haqqani networks, demonstrating leadership skills and patriotism.

Cook has stout leadership and the ability to compromise, and he is a fresh face for the 1st District and the House of Representatives. All these traits are desperately needed to restore our faith in Congress.

Kyle Brooks


Wittman pro-military

Rob Wittman defended veterans and fallen soldiers by holding the leadership of Arlington Cemetery accountable for its mismanagement and mismarked grave sites. Rob helped to ensure the future of those who serve by voting for the G.I. Bill signed into law by the president.

He fought against the increases to Tricare fees and wasteful spending by preventing funding from being used to move an aircraft carrier from Norfolk to Mayport, Fla. He represents us honorably on the Armed Services Committee.

Sen. Bryce Reeves


Sen. Reeves represents the 17th Senatorial District in the General Assembly.

Obama the Piper

John LeFebre's letter "Romney-nomics: It's voodoo time again" uses half-truths to misrepresent Mitt Romney's tax policy. Several distinguished economists have stated that Romney's plan can easily offset tax changes with spending reductions.

After spending $800 billion of our hard-earned tax money, unemployment under Obama is at 7.8 percent. Obama submitted a budget to the Senate that could not get a single supporting vote. How many lemmings continue to blindly follow this Pied Piper?

Dick Hollenbach

Locust Grove

Evangelicals, face facts

The Republican Party has been using abortion as a hot-button issue for years against Democrats. Romney has flip-flopped on this issue while President Obama believes women should be allowed to make this choice for themselves. That devastatingly difficult decision is between God, the woman, her mate, and the doctor.

Evangelicals, be honest. Americans are better off now than in 2008 because Osama bin Laden is gone, we have American-made cars, and our stocks are recovering. Evangelicals, when you vote in November, are you voting for the Book of Mormon or the Bible?

Carolyn Jenkins


Why endorse socialists?

Why does the Free Lance-Star feel the need to "endorse" a candidate? It shows its true colors and lack of objectivity by endorsing socialist candidates who seem intent on destroying this nation.

Have you forgotten what the USSR was like? Remember we fought a Cold War with them for 44 years. Ronald Reagan defeated them economically. So why in the world would we want to follow in their footsteps?

David Rababy


Vote 'yes' on Question 1

As an attorney who has spent more than 45 years fighting for the rights of private property owners, I encourage you to vote yes on Question 1 to amend the Virginia Constitution to protect private property rights.

This constitutional amendment is necessary because the U.S. Supreme Court issued a terrible opinion in the Kelo case, expanding the right of government to take private property and turning it over to private real-estate developers. Question 1 would amend the Virginia Constitution to prohibit such a practice in Virginia.

Richard R. Nageotte


Obama's done a lot

As for Mitt Romney's claim that Barack Obama's presidency is a failure, is that a fair assessment? Let's look at some of the things the president has done despite total Republican opposition:

1. The $800 billion stimulus--which is working, although slowly. 2. Saved the auto industry. 3. Bailed out the banks/investment firms and passed financial reforms. 4. Signed the Lily Ledbetter Act, giving women more equal footing in the workplace. 5. Ended Iraq war. 6. Protected consumers from unfair credit-card practices. 7. Obamacare. 8. Got Osama Bin Laden. 9. Got 22 key al- Qaida militants. 10. He's ending the Afghanistan War.

I could go on.

Janet Yenyo


Dead ahead: Greece

The fact-checking website found that the national debt as a percentage of gross domestic product has risen by 21.9 percentage points under Obama, compared with just 5.6 points under George W. Bush. PolitiFact adds that "the national debt is equal to $48,700 per person and $128,300 per household" and concludes that, "Obama is the undisputed debt king of the last five presidents."

Before you vote in November, ask yourself if you really want to saddle your children and grandchildren with the massive debt that a second Obama administration would surely produce.

Can anyone spell G-R-E-E-C-E?

Tom Moeller


Allen vs. UN plotters

Beginning during the Clinton administration, progressive socialists pushed for ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Treaty. This altruistic, sweet-sounding treaty would automatically override almost all American laws on children and families.

George Allen has repeatedly spoken about his support for the Parental Rights Amendment, as well as his opposition to the UNCRC treaty. Tim Kaine is silent, very silent, just like Senators Webb and Warner.

On Election Day, vote to protect the family. Vote for George Allen.

Terry Beatley


Wittman hurts elderly

Rob Wittman consistently votes against the best interests of seniors in the 1st District. He voted to raise costs for seniors enrolled in Medicare, to reduce their benefits and to end Medicare's fundamental guarantee of coverage and affordability.

Wittman has voted to eliminate preventive care benefits for 104,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the 1st District. He has voted to reduce coverage for 7,400 Medicare beneficiaries who rely on Medicaid, and his vote jeopardizes nursing home care for 1,300 district residents who rely on it.

We need a congressman who will vote for his district, not his party. Vote for Adam Cook.

Linda S. Morissette


Election is about race

This election is not about the economy, health care, or foreign affairs. This election is about race. Three things solidify my argument.

First, Retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, a registered Republican, stated that his party is full of racists. Second, an AP poll found that 51 percent of Americans still express anti-black attitudes. Third, Mitt Romney's aide John Sununu stated that Colin Powell, who endorsed President Obama in 2008 and endorsed him in 2012, did so only because he is black.

Based on his record and not the color of his skin, Obama is the clear choice.

Marcus M. Hodges


A strong Dem team!

I have never been prouder to support the Democratic candidates than this year. We have the cream of the crop running in the 1st Congressional District, from president to senator to representative.

First District congressional candidate Adam Cook and the other Democrats running worry about the chasm between the haves and have-nots. Democrats desire a robust economy, just like the Republicans do, but they see a strong middle class with decent wages and educational opportunities as the key.

Republicans think economic growth is based on the wealthy paying low taxes and having more money to spend. Vote Obama-Biden, Tim Kaine, and Adam Cook.

Alane Callander


Alane Callander is chairwoman of the Stafford Democratic Committee.

Will your vote count?

Americans will soon participate in a crucial election. It strikes me that the process is handled rather casually.

Only 11 states require photo ID to vote. That is 21 percent. Thirty-nine states are giving the opportunity to cheat on elections. Do you get a warm feeling with the thought of your vote going to waste by cheaters?

Every state should demand photo ID from every voter. If this happens, you will be able to tell the cheaters by those who are most opposed to it.

Deo T. Hardman

Locust Grove

Follow Pope, vote 'D'

Pope John XXIII's 1961 encyclical "Mater et Magistra" affirms the common good and that human life at all stages is sacred. When we realize that 90 percent of babies with Down syndrome are aborted, we should offer hope to these families about the wide array of special education programs and therapies available across the United States.

The Republicans in Congress vote "nay" to this support. In doing so, they vote against all children, including those with disabilities, having equal access to America's public schools.

That's why I'm voting for President Obama, Tim Kaine and Adam Cook who care about our vulnerable.

Mary Beth O'Connor


Benghazi impeachable

Washington's handling of the Benghazi disaster is beyond the pale. Repeated requests for help by direct participants were three times rejected by Washington. Then, the incredible spins followed, just to make sure that blame could be shifted to others.

The only person who could wreak such havoc, showing complete cluelessness and indecision, would be today's commander in chief himself.

A recent president was impeached for dallying with a cooperative bimbo and lying about it. If acts of incompetence causing loss of life are not a reason for impeachment, I truly do not know what is.

G.J. Vanek


Romney for jobs

As a businessman who is thinking about taking over another grocery store in the Charlottesville area, I would split my time between the one I have here in Spotsylvania and the one there, which means I would have to hire two to three people for this store and five or six for new one. I told the landlord to call me after the election. If Romey wins, I would likely take his offer. If Obama wins, no way.

Joe Biden is right. It's that three-letter word, J-O-B-S.

Kirk Byers


But which Romney?

Who is the real Mitt Romney? As governor of Massachusetts, he is a liberal. As a campaigner in the Republican primaries he places himself to the right of the other candidates. As a presidential candidate he chooses the slash-and-burn budget author, Paul Ryan, as his running mate while he alternates between endorsing the Ryan budget and distancing himself from it.

When asked about details, he says he offers "principles." His only "principle" seems to be saying anything he believes might get him elected.

Voters who are considering voting for Romney should be leery. Which Romney would you get?

Jim Donald


Dems back disabled

Children with severe disabilities who survived a traumatic prenatal experience are attending local public schools. They are no longer sent away to the state institution. They are medically fragile, on G-tubes, in diapers, deaf and blind, and they are benefiting from the investment of Obama stimulus money in their education.

Any parent of a child with an individualized educational plan, including those with autism, needs to know that the Democrats in Congress consistently vote for your child's equal opportunity to a public education. Republicans, especially Paul Ryan, do not support this funding.

On Nov. 6, vote Democratic for your child's brighter future.

Charles and Kathie Howard


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