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Take a stand in K.G.

Date published: 11/2/2012

Take a stand in K.G.

Whether you believe that a traffic signal or a roundabout is the solution to the Dahlgren Road and Owens/Windsor drives intersection, what is apparent is that many people in the county do not believe simply adding right- and left-turn lanes in both directions is the answer.

Is making sure we spend all the money a valid reason to impose an unwanted, ineffective solution on the residents of King George? Is it a wise use of taxpayer money in a state with so many transportation problems?

I am glad we have one supervisor who is listening to the residents and businesses of the county, and who is seeking opinions and solutions from those with experience and understanding of the roads in the county.

Who is willing to stand in front of the bulldozers for us?

Koontz Campbell

King George