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Many problems with mislabeled signs

November 2, 2012 12:10 am

Many problems with mislabeled signs

I am a student at Spotsylvania High School, and I am writing about the new section of Lake Anna Parkway in front of the school.

There are two intersections close to the school that have caused a lot of frustration. If you are traveling west on Lake Anna Parkway from Fredericksburg, you will come to a new light just before the school, labeled Morris Road, which is incorrect. This road is Courthouse Road; if you travel approximately two miles you will come to Morris Road at the Snell intersection.

Another problem occurs when you're on Courthouse Road (labeled Morris Road), sitting in the left-turn lane to proceed on to Lake Anna Parkway. If you don't know where the sensors are in the roadway, you're stuck, the light will not change.

With school buses, log trucks, tractor-trailers, and other large vehicles, it gets backed up past the Blockhouse Road light. This makes buses late, making students late for school, and people are late for their jobs. Drivers get frustrated and run the light, which will eventually cause an accident.

This intersection does not allow tractor-trailers to safely make a right turn from Lake Anna Parkway. In order for them to turn right they have to stay in the main travel lane and turn from there instead of using the right turning lane. Another option would be to turn from the right turn lane but they would have to enter the oncoming traffic lanes on "Morris Road." If these lanes are not clear, this forces other drivers to have to move right or back up to allow the tractor-trailer to make the turn.

Another problem here is the Post Oak Road/school access road intersection. This road, too, is mislabeled. When turning at Post Oak you're actually turning onto Old Courthouse Road. If you travel on this road approximately one-half mile, you will then come to Post Oak Road. Old Courthouse Road is actually a loop road and at its intersection with Post Oak Road it makes a hard left turn and comes back out on Lake Anna Parkway. Until recently, if you did not sit on the sensors correctly the light would not change, causing the same problem as the Morris Road intersection.

Where I work, at the Snell intersection, many people asking for directions because of the misnamed roads. I know all this sounds confusing, but if you live in this area or drive this way a lot, then you will understand.

Joy Gibbs


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