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Spotsylvania can't progress without QOL

Date published: 11/2/2012

Spotsylvania can't progress without QOL

Employment is not the panacea for all ills of mankind. "Quality of life" assets such as affordable housing, living wages, support systems, and a safe environment are ingredients that define quality of life.

Spotsylvania Planning Commission member Robert Stuber ["'QOL' is attainable via lower taxes, less regulation," Oct. 28], like most conservatives, has no clue what everyday working people are faced with. He thinks that improvements in county long-range planning should omit the human element.

Stuber and his gang of four on the commission are obsessed with the notion that curtailing regulations, eliminating the minimum wage, plus reducing taxes will improve everybody's lives. We have been down that road before and everyone can see where we are today.

I agree with Cristine Lynch that county's development-plan mission statement should include "quality of life." Business development is great, but let us not forget the human element in our quest to move forward.

Willie Brown