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Romney fires up Caroline crowd

 Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney greets supporters at Thursday's campaign stop at Meadow Event Park in Caroline County.
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Date published: 11/2/2012


With just days to go before the election, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a stop in Caroline County, rallying several-thousand supporters in a critical swing state for him.

The stop at the Meadow Event Park near Kings Dominion was one of three Romney made in Virginia on Thursday.

Romney urged the audience to think of those affected by Hurricane Sandy this week, and to help if possible.

"It's part of who we are as Americans to step forward when others need our help," he said.

But this was clearly a campaign rally, unlike events Romney had earlier this week right after the hurricane. He had suspended campaigning for a day or two at the height of the massive East Coast storm.

At the Caroline rally, Romney said he has a better plan to revive the economy than President Barack Obama, whom he accused of proposing "more of the same."

"We need a president who understands business," he said. "Attacking me does not create an agenda for him. We actually have a plan to get this economy going."

Romney said he would expand domestic energy production, which he said would help manufacturing and thus other industries.

He also said he would open new trade markets, particularly in Latin America, and punish those that disregard trade protections.

"If nations steal jobs by not playing by the rules, we hold them accountable," Romney said. "That's what I'll do with China."

Romney talked about education and said he supports teachers but that "the teachers union is going to have to go behind," which drew cheers.

The crowd also approved Romney's promise to reduce the federal debt and deficit.

He vowed that he wouldn't raise taxes on small businesses nor the middle class, but would eliminate Obama's Affordable Care Act.

On the way to Caroline, Romney stopped at a Bill's Barbecue restaurant location on the Boulevard in Richmond. Bill's announced last month it was closing after 82 years, citing the poor economy.

Romney released a Web ad on Thursday that blamed the closure on Obama's presidency.

"What happened?" Romney asked Rhoda Elliott, niece of the restaurant's founder, at the closed restaurant Thursday.

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