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Build Stafford High!

November 4, 2012 12:10 am

Build Stafford High!

It would be a tragedy if Stafford Supervisor Paul Milde convinces the Board of Supervisors to delay rebuilding Stafford High School by considering a referendum on next year's ballot.

Why go that route? Millions have been spent on design work. Bidding is ready to start in April; the school would be finished in 2015.

That sounds like a plan! Students, teachers, and parents are certainly for it. But that would all be put on indefinite hold if the supervisors decided to vote for a referendum next fall.

Of course, Milde is no slouch when it comes to delays and "trudging along." Just take a look at the enormous pile of rocks and dirt that sit in what was once Aquia Towne Center. As supervisor in that district, he has done absolutely nothing to make that developer develop that property into something.

It's an eyesore and an embarrassment at the entrance to Aquia Harbor, where his constituency lives. So what makes you think that the building of Stafford High School would be any more important in his list of self-serving priorities?

Jeannine Moss


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