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Can we shed some light on the situation?

Date published: 11/4/2012

Can we shed some light on the situation?

I am a Stafford County resident (George Washington District) trying to find out whose responsibility it is to replace burned-out lights at its intersections.

Dominion Virginia Power says it is not their responsibility--but it may be the county's.

Stafford County says that, according to Dominion Power, the lights in question belong to VDOT. But VDOT says lights are the responsibility of the Board of Supervisors in the area where located.

The streetlights I'm concerned about are in two areas: at the intersection of Ferry Road and White Oak Road on State Route 218 (a 7-Eleven is located there); and on Butler Road near the Wawa and (across the road) the CVS. There are four streetlights at this intersection and all four have been out for months.

I see--just barely--people at this intersection walking across the road at night and am concerned for their safety.

What can be done?

Dennis Phillips