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My life was saved by caring professionals

November 4, 2012 12:10 am

My life was saved by caring professionals

I'd like to offer my profound thanks to a team of professionals who saved my life the other day. I was watching a field hockey game at H.H. Poole Middle School when a yellow jacket stung me on the hand.

I'm highly allergic to bee stings and I'm glad I had an EpiPen to stave off the anaphylactic shock. But it was the noble citizens of Stafford County who really saved my life.

I owe my gratitude to John Kresho, the Drew Middle School team's most enthusiastic fan, and Charlene Lewis, H.H. Poole's nurse's aide, for safely and efficiently escorting me into the nurse's office while I was under duress from the effects of the bee sting. There wasn't much time to spare.

I'd also like to thank the school nurse, Leah Egan, who immediately sprang into action and administered the EpiPen, monitored my vital signs, and summoned the Stafford rescue ambulance. I am fortunate that such an exemplary medical professional was still in the office well after working hours willing to help.

My sincere appreciation is also extended to Don Goff, the senior EMT, and fellow EMTs Tim Phelix and Andre Holland, who administered expert care in the ambulance. I experienced pulmonary shunting, which causes a lack of oxygen to the lungs and a lack of blood to the extremities. Without quick action by Don and his team, the condition could have been fatal.

I'd also like to acknowledge the crew of Rescue Engine 14: Sgt. John Rayman, Technician Curtis Roux, and Technician Philip Noonan III.

The nurse at Stafford Hospital, Lori Miller, and physician's assistant Cheryl Davidson were true professionals, and their wonderful personalities made the final minutes at the hospital a positive experience.

My daughter, an Army physician, convinced me that this team of admirable servants saved my life that day. As a career Coast Guardsman, I owe a debt of gratitude to these lifesavers for their unselfish service and professional care.

Mark J. Faller


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