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'Perversion files' page 2
Boy Scout 'perversion files' an unrequested, unwanted encore to Sandusky case

Date published: 11/5/2012


A Louisiana Scout executive wrote to national headquarters in 1965: "This subject and Scouts were not prosecuted to save the name of Scouting." In Pennsylvania in 1972, a Scout executive recommended that a case against a suspected abuser be dropped, writing: "If it don't stink, don't stir it."

The files list 103 cases statewide in Virginia, including instances over the past 20 years in which adults were banned from Scout troops on suspicion of sex abuse in Woodbridge, Warrenton, Arlington, Springfield, Dunn Loring, Manassas, Vienna, and Alexandria. No cases were reported in the Fredericksburg area.

Scouting has much work to do before it can emerge from this crisis of trust. Step one must be a transparent effort to prevent future abuse. The BSA website describes in detail its belated prevention efforts through its Youth Protection Program. But there is no reference to its other enormous duty--seeking out and supporting victims who need and deserve assistance. Sadly, the Scouts have the repentance blueprints of various other organizations to borrow and improve upon.

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