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Let's work together to make a better world

Date published: 11/6/2012

Let's work together to make a better world

Tragedy, pain, and sorrow happen in life. The human spirit picks up the broken pieces and moves forward.

We seek a brighter future for ourselves and our children. We seek always for a kinder, gentler world where we can grow and nurture others. A world where we can pause a moment to think of things through other's eyes and build a more kind Earth. Where all people are free to pursue life, liberty, justice, and happiness. A simple wish, but one denied too many people. We must be sure to use Earth's environment wisely and husband our scarce resources so they are renewed for our children.

Thoughtless waste of scarce resources endangers future generations. We ignore science of climate change at our own peril. We are living when there must be a brotherhood of all of people. We cannot live in isolation ignoring our neighbor's problems. To us, much is given and much is demanded.

We must dream again of what we can accomplish, not hide behind our problems and wring our hands in excuses and denials. We are a government of, by, and for the people. Let us move forward to a better day. Let us go to work revitalizing America and the world. Taxes are not bad, they are, the source for renewal and growth. Let's use them wisely.

We are the can-do people of the world. Let's get to work on making a better world.

Frank B. Withrow