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I believe Spotsy plan can include 'quality of life'

November 6, 2012 12:10 am

As a Spotsylvania County planning commissioner I was disappointed by commission Chairman Robert Stuber's recent letter concerning the county's Comprehensive Plan update ["'QOL' is attainable via lower taxes, less regulation," Oct. 28]. I was surprised that he would criticize me so vehemently and publicly for opposing the rest of the commission, all of whom approved a new vision statement without the "quality of life" portion that appears in the current Comprehensive Plan.

Stuber states that he supports the commission's vision of "limited government, low taxes, and pro-business policies." I believe that omitting the term "quality of life" sends a message to ordinary folks that livability should take a back seat to business.

Stuber asserts that the term "quality of life" is subjective. But in fact the current Comprehensive Plan, whose purpose is to guide growth and development for the next 20 years, provides concrete goals that aim to enhance Spotsylvania's livability. It includes plans for:

Improving our transportation system, including providing for future growth, so that residents can travel quickly and efficiently.

Maintaining a school capacity that keeps pace with residential growth.

Providing parks, libraries, fire and rescue facilities, and public safety services to a standard that residents expect.

Preserving and protecting our unique historic and natural resources.

Assuring that new development enhances our aesthetic environment.

I do support some portions of the proposed vision statement. As a historic preservationist and former member of the Historic Preservation Commission, I agree that our community should "respect its place in our nation's history." I concur that pro-business policies and low taxes are desirable, but only if there is a balance between business and livability.

The Comprehensive Plan vision is not just words; it sets the tone and content for the entire plan. I cannot support a vision state-ment or a Comprehensive Plan that says Spotsylvania County is open for business regardless of its impact on her residents.

Cristine Lynch


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