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I question the plans to replace Stafford High

Date published: 11/7/2012

It is truly a shame that only a few know why Stafford High School is being torn down and rebuilt with $66.2 million taxpayer dollars ["Stafford High work could go to voters," Oct. 20]. Elected School Board members have mismanaged their own budgets, getting bailouts from the Board of Supervisors in years past.

Now School Board Vice Chairwoman Meg Bohmke gets quoted in The Free Lance-Star saying that "There's no reason whatsoever that this needs to be on a bond referendum."

This woman spent her time in "liberal" California, which is where Reaganomics began. She is one of the cronies endorsing whatever the chairman of the board supports. Maybe she will wind up in Richmond someday.

Many residents, including myself, want Stafford High School to be remodeled to 21st-century standards for $35 million through the use of a bond referendum. Proper planning will ensure the latest and greatest amenities so the graduates get a PHD--a Plain High School Diploma--that allows them to be productive citizens and be employable if they do not go to college.

We want to retain the existing building with its great gym and not build sidewalks to nowhere costing taxpayers an additional $30 million dollars. We cannot afford to make a new building because a "few" know why!

The current design contract was awarded to model after Colonial Forge High (1999) and Mountain View (2005). Now plans call for a three-story building that required the spending of taxpayer money on an unplanned capital improvements program.

How could they overlook the automotive program? What else was mismanaged?

Scare tactics like the presence of asbestos and the money already spent going to waste are because of poor planning.

Paul J. Waldowski