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Stop quarreling; start cooperating

Date published: 11/7/2012

Stop quarreling; start cooperating

It appears Rebecca Thomas has a problem with empathy ["F.W. Sullivan's--a 'restaurant' or a nightclub?" Nov. 2]. As a neighboring business of F.W. Sullivan's, instead of offering suggestions as to how to work with them and with other restaurants, Thomas suggests that the size and location are unmanageable.

In defense of the owners of F.W. Sullivan's and Tommy Mitchell, I submit that Thomas' attitude is counter to the spirit of cooperation and problem-solving in downtown and in particular to the upper William Street corridor. If Thomas had her way, F.W. Sullivan's business model and concept would be severely altered, its very viability in jeopardy.

I do not understand why business owners criticize fellow restaurateurs. Instead, they should come together to address challenges in the area. Restaurant or nightclub? Wine bar or shop? Working together is always the answer.

Let's channel our energies to solve our problems. F.W. Sullivan's and its landlord, Tommy Mitchell, deserve our support. Sullivan's good for downtown and good for Fredericksburg.

Robert Miller