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Christians, you're not the only 'good' people!

November 8, 2012 12:10 am

Christians, you're not the only 'good' people!

"Do you think a person can be good and not believe in God?" I was shocked to hear this question.

The conversation occurred on my travels through Thailand and amid the generosity shown to me by the Thai people. Thai Buddhism does not have a deity whom they worship; 98 percent of the individuals I lived among arguably do not hold any figure as "god."

As the conversation continued with this Christian, others gathered and I found I was not only alone in my defense of non-deists, but also for myself, an anti-theist. Finding my words fruitless in being heard in that situation, I pray the pen will prevail.

Christians honor God for establishing the moral law of the world, particularly through the establishment of the Ten Commandments and other laws, claiming that without those restrictions, the world would be a miserable place.

The first four commandments are of no concern to us here; the next six are my points of reference. Christians argues that if these laws were never spoken, written, nor pressed upon the neck of the world by the sword, you and I would naturally murder, steal, and rape one another with neither cause nor reason.

Through this reasoning, we have been characterized as blood-enraged beasts, civilized strictly on account of the Bible and Christian holy wars. Animals we are, devoid of reason we are not. Darwinian theory explains the how, but that theory is not our lifestyle.

Our brains have evolved just like the rest of our body, and we can appreciate government and companionship wonderfully outside of a fear-and-love-demanding Father. We are your humble community leaders, gracious neighbors, and loyal American citizens.

Christians: You do not have a monopoly on good. I hope you will see that this world is beautiful, especially without God.

Jon Milton


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