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A Christian nation should applaud Obamacare

Date published: 11/8/2012

Democracy's prevalence in Western Europe, a region with universal health care, proves that such a system won't make America socialist. As the British council estates and the French banlieus illustrate, national health care hasn't eradicated the European class system.

Nor do they have authoritarian governments. The only thing that's "shared" is the opportunity for care regardless of income. Socialist policies shouldn't be confused with Communist rule.

Given how it reduces costs, national health care won't affect small-business owners. Employees are hired part time without benefits. Any insurance offered is too expensive for their salaries. These practices save money but mandate national health care. Recently, I overheard an entrepreneur complain that Obama's administration is bankrupting him, then boast about the new SUV he bought.

Many balk at funding another's health care. Why don't these individuals advocate abolishing certain scholarships where the American taxpayer supports another's travel abroad when we have excellent domestic educational opportunities? Where are their objections to apportioning money to freshman legislators for office redecoration or billions for two wars whose democratization efforts overshadowed our security needs? Some physicians say they studied too hard "to make minimum wage." The average American has worked and studied too hard to endure health industry price gouging.

If we desire a country that obeys God's law, then isn't it against Jesus' Second Greatest Commandment to deny poor Americans or those with pre-existing conditions access to lifesaving medical care? Many sniff, "That's why Medicaid exists." But they also criticize its existence as an entitlement that rewards alleged indolence. Is hypocrisy a new American value?

Lastly, a Missouri boy, Wyatt Erber, donated $1,000 he won to his neighbors for their toddler's chemotherapy. When a child proves spiritually superior to the adults who run this country, socialism is the least of our problems.

Cassandra Newman