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Area cultivating community supported agriculture page 2
The growth of community supported agriculture in the Fredericksburg area, Part 2.

Date published: 11/9/2012


And so the localvore/CSA movement was born. I was able to create a new weekend day on Wednesday (CSA pickup day). Besides the fruit and vegetables that are given out weekly to the CSA, a la carte sales at the roadside on Wednesday are now stronger than any weekend day.

The "double weekend" setup allows me to have a constant, even flow of fruits and vegetables for full-time retail sales without having to sell wholesale below the cost of production. The only occasional complaint I get is, "Why [or how] do you put so much fruit and vegetables in your CSA?"

I can answer that question with a question: If you were me, and you could choose between selling produce below the cost of production to a company that pays you when it feels like it and doesn't care if you live or die--or you could put it in your local families' CSA share who paid you in advance and would like nothing better than to see you and your family succeed at farming--which would you do?

I have told all the farmers I know that they should be doing a CSA. The more CSAs the better--because it keeps more family farms in business and gives families more choices and locations to choose from locally.

You've heard the saying, "High tide raises all ships." Well, family farms now have a business model that can beat out the biggest of the big-box stores on price, quality and value while keeping local money in the local economy. Slaying Goliath is almost as much fun as farming itself.

Here is a list of all the local farms that I know of that do CSAs or deliver in the Fredericksburg area:

Fredericksburg CSA:
Email: facsap@yahoo.com (send email request for information on Fredericksburg CSA)

Email: canningfarm@gmail.com

Email: ctproduce@cox.net


westmorelandberry farm.com




In case I missed any CSAs above, you can go to localhar vest.org, enter your ZIP code for CSAs and farmers markets in your area, and see a list.

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Emmett Snead operates Snead's Farm along Tidewater Trail in Caroline County.