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No need for Darth Vader tactics downtown page 2
The owner of F.W. Sullivan's weighs in on the problem.

 The owner of F.W. Sullivan's suggests that a Neighborhood Watch or hospitality association address downtown issues.
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Date published: 11/9/2012


Second, our smartphone app development company, cAPPtivate, will create an app for the aforementioned organization (at our cost), allowing area residents to snap and upload pictures from their phones when they observe threats to public welfare and safety, or things like cigarette butts needing attention.

The app can also send out push notifications to alert residents; for example, if someone witnesses a crime, he or she can quickly snap and upload pictures to the app, which can instantly send push notifications to the public and law enforcement.

Third, respectfully, to Chief Nye and the Fredericksburg Police Department: Please learn what community policing is, and work with other city police departments that have implemented it. It works.

We offer these three concrete steps that Old Town can immediately implement to increase tax revenues; make the Old Town experience more appealing to area residents and tourists; engender positive community relations among business owners, residents, and governmental officials; and make Old Town safer and cleaner.

D. Hayden Fisher is a managing member of Fisher Clarke PLC (law firm) and an owner of F.W. Sullivan's Old Town Bar and Grille.

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