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Reconcile, America--you did it once before

November 9, 2012 12:10 am

Reconcile, America--you did it once before

Looking out the window this morning at the gentle rolling hills of my peaceful neighborhood, I reflect on the the results of the election for president. Virginia was a "swing" state in the political war, and those residing here felt keenly the burden of being a battleground state.

My home sits on hallowed ground, the very place where thousands of men bitterly fought and died during the Battle of Chancellorsville. It was another time in our history when citizens were bitterly divided, with the two sides reflected in a map that looked very much like the "red" and "blue" states' election map on my television.

Living on a Civil War battlefield, I have often walked my dog along the remnants of trenches mere yards from my back door and pondered that time, picturing the soldiers as they waited and prepared for an uncertain future. Today, I picture myself somewhat like a soldier of the Army of the Confederacy in the aftermath of that great battle, for my side lost. I am not embarrassed to say I am shell-shocked and numb from the experience.

But the great battle is over, and I must pick myself up and go on--let go of the trappings of war, of dire predictions for our nation if the political course is not altered, of spiteful name-calling and disrespect for the other side, and of fear for the political future. I want to concern myself with personal things: family, friends, health, and spiritual wellbeing.

I can only pray and have faith that the president can truly begin the healing of our nation--as desperately needed today as it was some 150 years ago.

Deidre Ferro


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