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Football on TV changes, coach-speak doesn't page 2
Football on TV has changed, but coaches speak the same.

 TV brings us great games like the Florida State-Virginia Tech clash this week. But coaches' quotes are usually dull.
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Date published: 11/10/2012


Hey! The coach probably shouted so many swear words that if he repeated them on the air the network would lose its FCC license. Just once I'd like to hear a coach repeat into the microphone what he actually said.

Commercials tell the viewer a lot about how networks and advertisers perceive their audience for a particular sport.

Professional football, for example, features any number of beer commercials. In fact, when TV reporters want to get fan reaction on some football game, they always go to a bar.

Then there are all those Viagra and Cialis commercials during golf tournament telecasts.

Makes you wonder what TV advertisers think are the favorite pastimes of football fans and golfers, doesn't it.

Maybe I'm just too analytical when it comes to TV sports, but sometimes it just seems that the interviews and the commercials are better than the games.

But then I need something to keep my mind occupied until baseball season comes around again.

You know what I always say: There are only two seasons in the year--baseball season and the off season.

Until April, I guess I'll just have to suffer through all the football cliches and the beer and Viagra commercials.

"We're a good team and they're a good team and we came to play!"

I don't think they're making that last comment down at Blacksburg this season.

Sorry, Hokie fans!

Donnie Johnston:
Email: djohnston@freelancestar.com

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