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Kaiser 'out of network' is a big problem

Date published: 11/13/2012

Kaiser 'out of network' is a big problem

I live in the area and have had Kaiser medical insurance for the past four years at the Kaiser facility here in Fredericksburg. My family and I have always used local specialists and facilities such as the Imaging Center of Fredericksburg as out-of-network providers without any problem from Kaiser, until now.

Kaiser now states that unless it is medically necessary, you must go to their facilities in Falls Church, Reston, or Springfield to have any type of procedure or test done.

They state that when they first had the new Fredericksburg facility, they didn't have those facilities up north. But they have had those facilities for years and now want you to drive as many as 75 miles one way to get a CT scan.

If you are a Kaiser member and have had out-of-network providers or services performed in the past in this area and now you can't, please stand with me and let them know it is wrong. Voice your opinion, too, by calling the Virginia Department of Health at 800/955-1819.

Kaiser claims to provide good and convenient locations and service for all their members. It has set a precedent by allowing such services for their Fredericksburg members and need to uphold the integrity and established services for all their members.

Shame on you, Kaiser.

Bob Clauson

Locust Grove