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Lost and found: My scuba tank

Date published: 11/13/2012

Lost and found: My scuba tank

After enjoying a night dive at Lake Rawlings on Nov. 3, my friend and I drove back to the Central Park lot where I had left my truck. We transferred all my gear from his car back into my truck, and my friend left for his home in Manassas and I drove back to mine off of Gordon Road.

While rinsing off my equipment, I discovered my scuba tank was missing. I remembered seeing my friend remove it from his car and set it upright in the parking lot next to my truck, but didn't recall putting it in my truck. I raced back to the lot only to find the tank was gone from where it had been placed.

As I circled the lot, I spotted it next to the door of a nearby restaurant. Some unknown person was honest enough not to walk away with it. So if you are that mystery person and you read this letter, I thank you for doing the right thing! God bless you!

Al Rios