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Thank goodness, those awful ads are gone!

Date published: 11/13/2012

Thank goodness, those awful ads are gone!

Please, oh please, don't let Virginia be a "swing" state four years from now. Listen to the silence on your telephones. All you hear on your TV are the normal obnoxious commercials. Your ears are no longer assaulted by political diatribes, harsh accusations, and gross misrepresentations by opposing candidates.

Having my favorite TV shows constantly interrupted by a blast of contentious political ads--running "ad nauseam"--truly made me a testy ol' lady. I lump those ads in the same category as those unpalatable commercials that we are subject to on a daily basis that are getting more outrageous all the time. You know the ones--where the couple is basking in the afterglow, sitting in bathtubs in the middle of a meadow.

Deluging me with those mind-numbing political ads didn't do anything but turn me off after a while. Hey, guys! Folks weren't going to change their minds, especially late in the game. But we did have one option available whenever those irksome, offensive ads came on: Click!

Jeannine Moss