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How about watching the band at halftime?

November 14, 2012 12:10 am

How about watching the band at halftime?

Every year the school marching band takes the field during halftime in football games. The audience doesn't know the hard work that was put into their halftime entertainment. During the performance few in the audience pay attention. They talk, scream, and make noise.

In the high school, credit is always given to the athletes of the school for their hard work. The marching band should be given as much credit. Musicians almost always have high academic standing. They work hard and learn teamwork and leadership skills.

The U.S. Department of Education recommends that all junior and senior high school students be involved in the fine arts. It has been proven through testing that students who are in a fine arts class do better in test scores and grades. In playing music, students work all parts of their brain. Marching band is even harder because it requires some physical activity, as well.

Marching band is very time consuming. Many bands start in July. During the hot summer months, bands are outside for 10 hours a day trying to prepare and perfect their show. On Saturdays, the band goes to competitions hours away, performs, and comes back to the school late at night.

In short, members of the marching band are not given enough credit for their hard work and time they put into their activity.

Gabrielle Bow


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