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Cafeteria food: Yuck

Date published: 11/14/2012

Cafeteria food: Yuck

When I go to the cafeteria it's always the same thing: pizza, calzones, cheeseburgers, and wraps. All of them sound good, but do they taste good?

The pizza is dripping with grease, and the cheese in the calzones is just as hard as the bread. Some days I just don't eat because nothing is good. The food has a horrible appearance along with a horrible taste.

Food should have flavor. Food should be appealing. School lunch should be changed because it is disgusting, kids don't eat it, and there is no variety.

On days I have basketball or soccer practice, I have to make myself eat because I need energy. A lot of the athletes I know don't eat lunch. If the food was better, kids would eat.

Jaimee Ford