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My roundabout life: No experience, no job

Date published: 11/14/2012

My roundabout life: No experience, no job

Many teenagers, including me, are having a lot of difficulty finding jobs, saving up tuition money, and trying to develop independence from our parents.

As a teenager searching for a job, I've realized how difficult it is finding a place to start. Many jobs require some kind of experience, but I need the job for the experience. So how am I supposed to get a first job?

I keep running around in this tedious circle. Everybody began somewhere, but for young adults today it seems as though it's getting harder and harder to find the starting line.

Many high-schoolers are trying to find jobs in order to build up a college fund, but if every job they apply for requires a high school diploma, that's nearly impossible. How are unemployed teens supposed to fill the tuition gap? I know applying for scholarships will help, but I can't rely on that money to cover everything.

I know that I should enjoy my freedom while I can, but I can't depend on my parents forever. Getting a job to pay for college is my first step into adulthood, but I'm wasting my time running in circles looking for experience for the job, and a job for the experience.

Where do I start? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Finding a first job shouldn't be a mind-imploding riddle.

Katlyn Storm