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Why tear down SHS?

Date published: 11/14/2012

Why tear down SHS?

My first reaction to destroying a 37-year-old school was: Why? If a property is properly maintained it can literally last forever.

For example, the "new" State Department building was built during the Roosevelt administration. We have government offices and school facilities all over the area that are well-maintained. Run up to Alexandria: People live in homes that are over 100 years old.

I suspect a small group of well-meaning people want a new school for their kids. Great idea, so why not put the school where it may be needed? As I understand it, the school system owns property near the Leeland VRE. Why not build there and then rehab the Stafford school and turn it into a technical education center?

Now before everyone turns up their nose at that idea, take a look at the guy driving the truck on Interstate 95. How about the fellow who repairs your vehicle? Not everyone needs or wants to go to college. We need a new generation of people who knows how to fix things.

Destroying the Stafford High School is a bad idea when there are other options. Stafford is in a great financial position. We do not know how this economy will pay out over the next 10 years, so let's be safe and not sorry.

Walter E. Kreutzer