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I was hoping Sandy would bring adventure

November 14, 2012 12:10 am

I was hoping Sandy would bring adventure

On Oct. 29, I was in bed thinking of the hurricane that would come later that day. The news said it would be windy and maybe rainy in the morning, but the real hurricane would hit us at noon. More than 5,000 people had lost power already. I was waiting for something exciting to happen! I didn't want to have power. I wanted adventure!

Later that night, Daddy decided we should sleep in the basement. I had the strangest dream that we were at the water park, and Hurricane Sandy came and destroyed everything.

I woke up and thankfully, I was alive. Everyone in my house was alive! Even my dog, Elroy, and the gerbils were alive! Nothing at our house was damaged. Although one thing was wrong--the power was still on. Mommy says I should be happy that the power is on, but I want adventure!

Even though we didn't lose power, there is one good thing that happened: There was no school during the hurricane. I think we are actually very lucky to have power.

And there are still many adventures coming up, and maybe then the power will go out. This was an exciting adventure, but don't talk about mine. Go have your own!

Elizabeth K. Forrester


The writer is an 11-year-old home-schooled student.

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