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VDOT, don't make Dahlgren Road worse! page 2

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Date published: 11/14/2012


This was on a four-lane divided highway with left- and right-turn lanes. Had there been a light and a pedestrian crossing, she could have arrived home safely with her groceries.

As you can imagine, traffic safety is a very personal and important topic in our family. We recognize the responsibility that comes with driving.

As residents who use this intersection daily, our family of six drivers all feel that turn lanes would only increase the danger. On behalf of my family, I implore the Board of Supervisors to ask the Virginia Department of Transportation to reconsider the addition of turn lanes at the intersection of Routes 206, 218, and Owens Drive.

Individuals should drive this intersection themselves and experience firsthand the perils drivers face here daily. The busy morning and afternoon rushes of traffic heading to and from work are especially daunting.

There is no question that changes must be made before more accidents occur. However, adding turn lanes without signals would only increase the danger.

In this case, more isn't better. For the safety of people who live and work here, please do not add turn lanes.

Betty Grigg lives in King George County.

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