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I remember that Welcome Wagon lady!

November 14, 2012 12:10 am

I remember that Welcome Wagon lady!

I was touched by the article in the Town and County section ["New arrivals once got white-glove treatment," Nov. 6].

We moved here in August of 1998. I was visited by the Welcome Wagon lady shortly after moving in. I can't say for certain that it was Mrs. Hewetson, but I do think it could have been.

I was so impressed that this warm and friendly person welcomed me to the area. She sat with me for a while and told me about the many things the Fredericksburg area had to offer. She gave me vital information that I referred to many times.

I was thrilled to read this article. I have asked others if they were ever greeted by the Welcome Wagon and no one had ever heard of it.

I am so grateful I was home that day. I realize now that I was lucky to have been visited by what could very well be one of the last Welcome Wagon visits made.

A heartfelt thank-you is in order. I would like for Mrs. Hewetson's family to know that the Welcome Wagon lady was a huge help and a warm, friendly welcome to the Fredericksburg area.

Diane Watson


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