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Three men arrested in recent city robberies page 2

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Date published: 11/14/2012


The robber threatened to hit the driver with a beer bottle, so the driver let go of the food. He was not injured. The incident wasn't reported to police until the next day.

On Oct. 21, a driver for the Pizza Hut near the University of Mary Washington was delivering three pizzas and drinks to 600 Forest Village. He had just gotten out of his vehicle when a group of males approached him and one of them tackled him.

Three men began assaulting the driver and going through his pockets. They took money from one pocket, a cellphone and the food, but did not get the victim's wallet, which was in another pocket. The victim suffered minor injuries to the face and the arms.

Anyone with information about other incidents involving the three suspects is asked to call Detective Wayne Hunnicutt at 540/654-5753.

Keith Epps: 540/374-5404
Email: kepps@freelancestar.com

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