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Renovation of SHS is cost-effective, prudent

Date published: 11/15/2012

The purpose of this letter is to remind Stafford County residents that they enjoy fiscal health due to supervisors such as Paul Milde. He cares about all of the districts of the county and knows that the entire population would be paying for the proposed new Stafford High.

The cost of the new school is estimated at $70 million-plus, vs. a quality renovation for $35 million. He has been concerned about the cost of this project from Day 1. The cost difference of $35 million would enable the board to address other projects that are in desperate need of funding.

Parents should be aware that no funds in this $70 million have been allocated for costly road improvements at the new site, the auto-tech program may be eliminated, and an additional $3 million will be needed for athletic practice fields.

Other counties such as Prince William and Culpeper are currently using wisdom by renovating schools instead of the costly agenda of building new facilities.

Recently, a friend from another county was visiting and she inquired about the Rowser Building and the original Stafford Middle School. I explained to her that over the past 30 years of living in Stafford, I had observed that school buildings were renovated cost effectively and used for other purposes rather that destroying valuable properties. She was most impressed by this.

It amused me that a few days later I read a letter accusing Milde of "sinking" the plans for the demolishing of the current Stafford High, saying that he did not care ["Why does Milde want to sink Stafford High?" Oct. 24].I want to remind voters that he does care about all of the taxpayers.

Get involved: Let board members know you want a say in this costly decision.

Carol Dominy