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Did you vote? Never mind, I'd hush it up, too page 2

Date published: 11/17/2012


So much for Romney. With Obama, by contrast, we will have little cause for alarm, other than abolition of the Constitution, currency controls, selective denial of passports to enemies of the administration, uncontrolled inflation, wild federal spending, and a level of surveillance that would frighten a laboratory rat.

In a decade I figure we will look longingly at North Korea as a model of civil liberties.

Then we have the gender gap. I am told that women favored Obama by a margin of 12 points, while men went for Romney by eight. Here is clear evidence that women do not understand politics. It is too difficult for them. They worry their pretty little heads about trivia like schooling, health care, peace, security, paying the bills, and having a livable country in which to live. No nation can long survive such an agenda. Repeal the 19th Amendment, I say. Should women ever evolve politically, which doesn't seem likely, they, too, will see the wisdom of killing child goatherds in Afghanistan.

And the geography gap. I have seen Romney quoted as describing Syria as Iran's "route to the sea." This is fascinating. He doesn't know where Iraq and Turkey are. But the hamstervolk want a hamsterführer who Looks Like America, and if a candidate were discovered to know where his wars were, he would be thought elitist.

We come to the threat of socialism. Obama, I am told more often than I really think necessary, is a socialist. He is going to make America into Europe, thought to be expiring of socialism, a sort of economic gangrene. The same people also tell me, often with curious orthography, that he is a Marxist, a Muslim, and an America-hating Christian. This notion is an example of the remarkable versatility of barely existent minds. If the man is a Marxist, this being explicitly atheistic, then he cannot be a Muslim or any kind of Christian. If he is a Christian .


But socialism. On the outdated theory that words mean things, I had recourse to the dictionary and found that socialism is "an economic system in which the means of production and distribution belong to the government."

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