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Date published: 11/17/2012


Thus, America cannot be socialist, since the means of production belong to the Chinese. Nor can I understand why Europe is regarded as socialist. I have walked the streets of Madrid, Paris, Sevilla, Frankfurt, on and on, and seen no indication that the stores and restaurants belonged to government. Neither, I thought, did Siemens, Dassault, BP, BMW, Mercedes, Santander, Leica, and, most important, Bass and Guinness.

Europe looks to me like a capitalist economy with good health care and long vacations. I feel deeply threatened by this nightmare, and hope that Congress will impeach Obama before he can impose such a dreadful thing.

The idea that Obama could turn the U.S. into a socialist realm is more interesting psychologically than economically. It suggests depths of giddy retardation that could be plumbed only in a bathysphere. Corporations control the U.S. They own Congress. Do you really think that the CEO of Lockheed-Martin wants to see the company nationalized and himself put on a federal salary?

Yes, I know. I will get mails telling me of the economic collapse of Europe, in stark contrast to America's booming economy, full employment, staggering trade surplus, and incorruptible government.

For all these blessings brought to us by our laudable leadership, I suggest that instead we ought to borrow Angela Merkel, Uri Avnery, or that indescribably gutsy and intelligent woman who is giving the dictators hives in Burma.

Diversity would be our strength.

Fred Reed, an expatriate, spent much of his boyhood and adolescence in King George County.

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