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To the rest of the world: America is still the best

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Date published: 11/18/2012

Well, the election is finally over, and even though I am not thrilled with the results, I am reminded of the history of our great nation. All elections end with one side happy and the other wondering why their candidate lost. Win or lose, we all must remember the times we live in.

President Roosevelt spoke of how we were at war on many fronts, our country was coming out of a deep financial crisis, medical issues plagued our families, and the country was divided on how to fix these problems. After his election, we came together to support our country, not necessarily our president.

Today, we face many of the same obstacles: War and terrorism, not just on a worldwide level, but on a local, more personal level; worldwide economic crisis threatens us all; we lack health care for all who need it; and, finally, a cavernous divide between sides on how to deal with these issues.

The only solution is to remember who we are--Americans. Forget all the prefixes. We are Americans, plain and simple, and now is the time to stand together as a nation and show the world why we are the greatest nation in the world. Work together, hand in hand, and forget our differences. It sure won't be easy, but we can work to make this generation the new "Greatest Generation."

Ed Kerr