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Debate over: The verdict is in page 3
There's not much room for debate on where Americans stand, given the outcome of the election.

 Eric Cantor's re-election campaign spent $6.6 million, or $30 per vote.
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Date published: 11/18/2012

By Richard Amrhine


Here's a little more about "my" congressman, Eric Cantor. We know that campaign spending is out of control. In the presidential race alone Obama and Romney together spent more than $2 billion--twice what Obama and John McCain spent in 2008.

Not to be left out, Cantor raised nearly $7.4 million to retain his seat. That's nearly 10 times what Democratic challenger Wayne Powell raised. And it is at least $5.2 million more than any other Virginia congressional candidate raised.

Cantor defeated Powell, winning 58.4 percent of the vote. Of the $7.4 million he raised, he spent $6.6 million of it. He garnered 222,488 votes, which comes to nearly $30 per vote.

Compare that to the First District. GOP Rep. Rob Wittman raised $882,000, spent $668,000, and won with 56.3 percent of the vote. Democratic challenger Adam Cook raised less than $170,000. Receiving 200,822 votes, Wittman spent about $3.30 per vote.

Evidently, Cantor doubts his ability to win an election on his "merits."

Richard Amrhine is a writer and editor with The Free Lance-Star.

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Richard Amrhine is a writer and editor with The Free Lance-Star.