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A vote for Obama despite dissatisfaction

Date published: 11/19/2012

A vote for Obama despite dissatisfaction

The tone and conclusion of the article by Donnie Johnston on Nov. 9 ["Time for states to be united"] were both accurate: It is time to work together.

I disagree with his statement that Obama's re-election indicates most people are satisfied with the status quo and believe the country is headed in the right direction. I am sure I am like many who voted for Obama--not at all satisfied with his last four years but reluctant to replace him with Mitt Romney.

I disagree with Romney's immigration policy, his refusal to consider less money for the military, and his recommendation that each individual state devise its own health care system, and I remain suspicious that the debt can be addressed without any tax increases.

I easily could have voted Republican, but not for Romney.

Wayland Marks