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Save 'Operation Santa' from the privatizers

Date published: 11/20/2012

Save 'Operation Santa' from the privatizers

The dire distress of our nation's beloved postal service has been a great topic of discussion in the news over the past year. Inspired by the weather and the season, I ask: If the USPS goes belly-up and is taken over by private industry, what happens to "Operation Santa" and the millions of letters written to Santa?

This year, Operation Santa will celebrate its 100-year anniversary. Where's the news about this milestone? If anyone can save the USPS, it's the children.

Imagine the press attention the Postal Service would get if someone interviewed a tearful child holding a letter, asking why he or she can't mail it to Santa. Play it every commercial break like it's a presidential campaign commercial.

The USPS needs to appeal to schools and day care centers everywhere!

Jack Taylor