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Disaster ahead if checks don't go out on time

Date published: 11/21/2012

I enjoyed Donnie Johnston's "Time for states to be united" [Nov. 9], and I think we all can agree on that.

Who can save us from ourselves? With 1 in 7 people getting food stamps (44.2 million), 50 million on Medicaid, 8.4 million getting unemployment and other various types of government assistance paid by the taxpayer, what is the answer?

Can anyone imagine a month when these checks do not go out? Cities would burn.

After you tax the rich, than what? Money is moving offshore at a rapid rate now. Retirees get nothing on their investments with interest so low.

I believe it will run its course until the collapse comes. If anyone knows a reasonable solution, let's hear it.

You can only raise taxes until the people revolt, and if you cut entitlements, they will still revolt.

I'm listening!

Wayne K. Shover