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Slide into socialism seems inevitable

November 21, 2012 12:10 am

Slide into socialism seems inevitable

The election is over and the people have spoken.

The result was predictable: Obama won by almost 3 per-cent of the popular vote partly because too many of the electorate are more concerned with reality TV shows, sports teams, and celebrity worship than researching whom to vote for. Many others vote for whoever will give them the most free stuff.

Unless someone comes up with a strategy that inspires most voters to pay attention and vote for who will best serve the people, we're in for more of the same.

The mainstream media are overwhelmingly liberal and feed that philosophy to the lazy and apathetic not willing to look beyond the headlines. Bush was attacked regularly on the front page and in lead-off stories on newscasts, but not a whisper of negativity was heard when Obama's activities harmed our economy, international standing, and future well-being.

Four Americans are killed by terrorists in Libya, more and more Americans give up looking for work, our soldiers are killed by people supposed to be their partners, terrorists attack us on our own soil (it's labeled "workplace violence"), and through it all the media are almost silent. The "free press" the Founders believed so important is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

Until someone figures out how to make the press free again, or inspires the majority of voters to care enough to pay attention to alternate sources of information, we are destined to continue this slide into the cesspool of socialism.

Rex A. Hoover


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