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To get best buy takes patience--and a tent page 2
Patrick Davis has pitched a tent in front of the Central Park Best Buy so he and his friends can be first in line for Black Friday door busters.

 Cindy Hataway (left) and son-in-law Justin Gamble check out the tent set up by Davis and Jorden.
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Date published: 11/21/2012


The sidewalk in front of Best Buy typically sprouts a number of tents in the days leading up to Black Friday. Most are regulars who look out for each other and enjoy joking about which place they've scored in line, she said.

This year, Shelton decided Davis and her other son, Jorden, a ninth-grader at James Monroe, needed to get there even earlier than usual because she'd heard that lines had started forming last Friday at some Best Buy and Walmart stores in other states.

Jorden will likely spend part of the time while they wait playing video games and watching TV inside Best Buy, and Shelton will bring her son and Davis Thanksgiving dinner before joining them Thursday evening to wait for Best Buy's midnight opening.

"We like Best Buy because they're so organized," she said. "You get in line, get a ticket, and you go in and pay for it and leave. People aren't stomping on each other."

Shelton said having stores open earlier on Black Friday this year is nice because she can go home after getting the items on her list, and not have to take her nearly 80-year-old mother shopping until 8 a.m.

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