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A second Watergate

Date published: 11/22/2012

A second Watergate

It is becoming increasingly apparent that, as in the Watergate days, the American citizens have once again been hoodwinked by a president, and some in his administration gone power-mad. This Benghazi cover-up is making Watergate look like dejà-vu all over again (thanks, Yogi!). We who lived through Watergate remember the month after month of national paralysis until President Nixon departed office in disgrace. Watergate was trivial compared to Benghazi, however. It involved would-be burglars acting for a sitting president who was running for re-election. Beginning to see anything familiar?

Benghazi involves loss of four lives, dereliction of duty, and outright lies by the administration, just for starters. The veil of secrecy is quickly unraveling as more rats try to leave the wounded ship. General Petraeus' resignation, we feel, is not about his extramarital affair but about his being a party to this breach of trust by the two most powerful men in the world.

To paraphrase Burl Ives in "A Streetcar Called Desire," the stench of mendacity wafting out of D.C. is overwhelming. This matter should not be allowed to drag out like Watergate; it must be investigated and concluded so Congress can deal unfettered with the huge problems facing the country. God help us if it isn't.

Charles and Pat Linton