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 Angela Newsom says Fauquier deputies broke through the front door after a Stafford deputy shot her son.
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Date published: 11/22/2012


The mother of a teenage boy who was shot and killed by a Stafford County deputy earlier this month hopes to see someone stand trial in his death.

Evan Newsom, 17, was killed early Nov. 2 at his home on Tacketts Mill Road in Fauquier County near the Stafford-Fauquier line.

State police said early on that Evan attacked a deputy with a knife before being shot, but they have not released an update regarding their ongoing investigation since the day Evan died.

Angela Newsom wrote a letter this week to The Free Lance-Star in which she insists there was no reason for her son to die. She acknowledges that Evan had done some things wrong the previous evening, but she says there was no need for deputies to barge into her home without a warrant. She also disputes claims that Evan attacked the deputy, who has not been identified.

She said a trial before a jury is the only way she will get answers to the questions she and others have raised.

"I know what Evan did [that night] was wrong and he would have had consequences as a result," Newsom wrote. "But he wouldn't have gotten the death penalty for it, and I wouldn't have unloaded a gun in him for it."

In a letter titled "Evan F. Newsom's Homicide by Police," which can be read on fredericksburg.com, Newsom expresses skepticism regarding the ongoing state police investigation. She writes that she is "gravely concerned" that pertinent details are being covered up.

She said Fauquier deputies were already aware that Evan was inside the home alone and posing a threat to no one when Stafford deputies showed up and made a bad situation worse.

Police began an investigation that morning about 4 a.m. when someone reported a Hyundai Elantra in a ditch a short distance from the Newsom residence. Police later went to the Newsom home. Angela Newsom said Fauquier deputies waited outside and Stafford deputies went inside.

Police said Stafford and Fauquier deputies routinely work together on cases in that rural area.

Evan and his mother moved to the home in Fauquier in July. Angela Newsom wrote that Evan had had some problems in the past, but for the past year had been doing well--until the evening of Nov. 1.

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