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Happy finish in tale of two Turkey Trots page 2
Both Turkey Trot races go well

 Rabah Sbitani (center) of Fredericksburg organized the 'rogue' Turkey Trot in response to the official race's move.
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Date published: 11/23/2012


Many downtown business owners and residents did the "rogue" run and reported having a good time. One of those was Jason Cohen, who said he'd rather run through the beautiful downtown than past a Krispy Kreme store. Sbitani plans to follow up with city officials regarding where the race will be held in future years.

McLaughlin plans to do the same, but his clear preference is to keep it in Central Park, where the wider streets can accommodate the large number of runners.

"If we want it to grow, Central Park is the place," he said.

Feedback from people who ran the official Turkey Trot race was mixed.

Jonathan Sprick drove down from Vienna to be with his family for Thanksgiving. It had been several years since he'd run the race, and he said that as he searched online for an entry form, he thought the Central Park race was a completely different event.

"We always liked it downtown," said Sprick, who ran the race along with his wife, Katie, and his brother, Joel. Joel had driven down from near Philadelphia for Thanksgiving.

They noted that the race course was a lot less interesting, with fewer hills than the downtown course--a change that also made for a faster pace for many runners. They also said downtown was just a lot more interesting to look at than the strip shopping centers of Central Park.

They acknowledged, though, that the race was a lot smaller the last time they remember running it downtown, and that it would be hard to accommodate a crowd that big in the smaller central business district. They also noted that parking for spectators was a lot easier in the new location.

Staff reporter Emily Freehling contributed to this story.

Bill Freehling: 540/374-5405
Email: bfreehling@freelancestar.com

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