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Brinkley's friends--and ours--deserve thanks

Date published: 11/25/2012

Brinkley's friends--and ours--deserve thanks

On Nov. 3, we lost our beloved golden retriever, Brinkley, to a rapidly deteriorating, untreatable medical condition. As anyone facing the loss of a pet who is in every respect a family member knows, one can never be truly prepared for such a devastating circumstance.

Though the pain lingers and likely always will, the staff at Banfields Veterinary Services helped make our loss bearable. Their sensitivity, professionalism, and support will never be forgotten. A few days after Brinkley's passing, we received a card from the staff at Banfields containing their hand-written comments about their memories of Brinkley. We will treasure those sentiments always.

Dr. Bush, Regina, Teresa, and all the others who cared so much, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We also extend thanks to the staff at Confederate Ridge, where Brinkley was often boarded. They treated him as their own and made us know our dog was always receiving the best of care. We won't forget you either.

Jim and Becky Vance