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Date published: 11/25/2012


Ni River Middle School recently won the Spotsylvania County Middle School Debate League's first tournament of the year. The topic was resolved: Mitt Romney should be elected president based on his fiscal, foreign and domestic policies. Forty-two teams of two students from six county schools participated in the tournament. Taking top honors on the con (negative) side were Stefany Dunlap and Zachary Short. Khailah Griffin and Morgan Johns took third place on the con side. On the pro (affirmative) side, Sam Camp and Anna Small took second place, and Sarah Pattillo and Madison Calicchia took third place. Ni River brought 12 teams to the competition; eight of these teams finished in the top 10 in their respective categories.

Top performers in Ni River's Pumpkin Run, a 1.2-mile cross country run over the school grounds, were Jacob Calabrese 7:40 (boys) and Elizabeth Hummel 8:10 (girls). Students in every physical education class participated in the run.

--Barbara McWhirt

Post Oak Middle

The school has been involved in several projects to support wounded warriors and soldiers still serving, raising $412, which was donated to VA Wounded Warriors Project, and 16 2-gallon bags full of goodies were sent to a squadron still stationed in Afghanistan. These projects correlated with a schoolwide reading initiative of the novel "Operation Yes" by Sara Lewis Holmes.

--Kristen Weidle

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