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Will tolls and gas taxes solve state's road woes? page 2
A reader points out another snafu with the Spotsylvania Parkway Project.

Date published: 11/26/2012

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By Scott Shenk


Dear Scott: It's been nearly two months since the new section of Lake Anna Parkway has opened, yet the light at the intersection of Morris Road and Block House Road is still configured as a four-way intersection even though it's now a three-way intersection.

Drivers headed east on Morris have a left green arrow indicating they can make a left turn when no road is there to turn left onto.

Also, heading west on Morris approaching the parkway is a sign warning of a sharp left-hand turn, but now the road turns sharply to the right.

Can you please get somebody to look into this situation?

--John Thompson, Spotsylvania

The Virginia Department of Transportation checked on these issues and will be making some changes.

The signal should be reconfigured within a week or so, and crews are getting rid of the signs and replacing them with new ones that have the right directions.

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